Integrative Nursing

Well Focused understands the value of being a resource for patients who need a trusted partner in contemporary healthcare and integrative nursing. Our goal is to help you achieve wellness in mind, body, and soul through physical, social, and mental well being. This whole-body, whole-mind approach leaves room for integrative nursing, which takes the form of Ayurvedic (EYE-urr-VAY-dik) health care at Well Focused. Among other methods, Ayurvedic medicine utilizes diet, purification, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, yoga and massage as holistic health processes.

Complementary Ayurvedic Services


Lisa’s wisdom, encouragement and relaxed approach have empowered me to integrate ayurveda into my life, and I believe Lisa and her ayurvedic tools are the reason I am doing so well in spite of some serious health challenges. I am grateful for her ability to draw on the insights of both eastern and western approaches to healing. When I talk with her, I feel heard and respected. Dealing with a disease process tempts me to feel anxious and discouraged, but Lisa makes me feel confident and positive and healthy.

Janice Springer Patient