Doctor Referrals

Well Focused prides itself on working closely with medical health professionals. Our goal is to help your patient continue on the path to health and wellness after he/she leaves your office. Whether your patients are suffering from anxiety, interrupted sleep, or a chronic health issue, Well Focused can help them achieve wellness through curative care plans developed personally for them. Here, we promote health and wellness through prevention and individualized disease processes for everything from Parkinson’s and breast cancer to stress and anxiety to immune disorders – and more.

Our team is led by Lisa Konchar, RN, BSN, CAS, who has more than 20 years experience in the medical community, and has garnered high praise from both patients and fellow practitioners.

I have found Lisa’s clinical expertise in Ayurveda to be of great help in broadening my perspective on health and human flourishing. With her nursing experience and compassionate heart, Lisa’s patients can be confident in their healing journeys, whether needing preventative care or disease management strategies.

Janeta Tansey MD, PhD, Virtue Medicine Clinic in Integrative Psychiatry